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Season 7 Episode 7: Women Peacebuilders in a Conflicted World Order

In our seventh episode, host Neema Jayasinghe joins panellist Yasmin Homer to discuss the work of women peacebuilders with guests Eva Tabbasam (GAPS UK) and Andrea Filippi (PeaceWomen Across the Globe). We discuss the importance of fostering and protecting civil society networks in peacetime and wartime, the challenges of political will, and how the Women, Peace, Security Agenda needs to expand its feminist focus through a more inclusive intersectionality. With insights from GAPS UK’s work in Afghanistan and PeaceWomen Across the Globe’s networks between Columbia, Nepal and the Philippines, this episode crosses local, national, and international borders in a timely conversation about conflict resolution and representation. 

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Season 7 Episode 6: The Psychology of Border Violations in Mental Abuse

In our sixth episode, host Neema Jayasignhe is joined by previous podcast host and panellist, Dr Maryam Tanwir. With special guest, Professor Sam Vaknin, the episode unpacks discourses related to the psychology of personal border violations in mental abuse. The conversation questions how borders and boundaries are not only demarcated, violated or transgressed in global politics but also at the level of the personal. Here, physical or mental abuse is a form of structured aggression and can be surreptitious, coercive or disguised in a myriad of ways. Invariably, it involves the violation of our borders and boundaries- both personal and societal. In this episode, we explore these various levels of abuse and their psychological implications.

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Season 7 Episode 5: ‘Women, Life, Freedom’: Poetry and Protest in the Iranian State

For our fifth episode, panellist Clare Francis discusses the interplay of poetry and protest in the Iranian state with Dr. Fatemeh Shams, an activist, award-winning poet, and Persian literary scholar. Alongside host Neema Jayasinghe, they explore the boundaries of art and activism in Iran, where successive regimes have historically sought to enforce strict limitations around acceptable versus unacceptable forms of activism. Protest movements challenge these boundaries in myriad creative ways, but they are at constant risk of co-option by the state. By examining the intersection of poetry and protest in Iran’s women-led uprising – known globally by the catch cry ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ – Dr. Shams gives voice to both the challenges and the revolutionary potential of women’s activism in Iran.

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Season 7 Episode 4: Lawfare: The Modern Version of Warfare

In this episode, panellist Vanessa Dib joins host Neema Jayasinghe to discuss developments of lawfare, the power of law being used as a weapon of conflict, with guest Jason McCue. In this day and age, wars can take place within and outside the traditional confines of borders and boundaries as wars are increasingly started, fought and ended through lawfare. To better situate the discussion, legal expert Jason McCue explores what lawfare is, how it is used today, and future developments of lawfare through the case study of the Libyan civil war.